Dara has been a high school special education teacher in Chicago since the fall of 2007. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign in 2005, an MEd in Special Education from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2007, and an M.A. in Reading from Northeastern Illinois University in 2011. She is certified as a learning behavior specialist by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Dara works with a wide range of disabilities and academic levels. While teaching both English and math, Dara also works with students to develop their social and life skills. She firmly believes in the importance of meeting students where they are and incorporating their interests, whenever possible, into the lesson or activity. Dara is especially passionate about math, and loves to help students change their negative attitudes about the subject.

As a tutor, Dara works with students both with and without disabilities. She tutors almost all areas of math, ranging from elementary skill building to pre-calculus. She also works with students on reading fluency, comprehension, and basic writing.

In her free time, Dara enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, and doing crossword puzzles.

What Parents Say:

The Chicago Home Tutor has had a transformative effect on our son's reading and writing ability over a really short period of time. Our tutor is fun, approachable and our son loves her classes. He learns by playing and he is proud to show us his progress. She details improvements and compares our child to the average at his age. It's invaluable to know where he stands and how he's doing great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Chicago Home Tutor to every parent seeking for a top class tutor.
- Barbara C, August 2015

The Chicago Tutor was a wonderful gift during a challenging time for my daughter. The whole process worked marvelously smoothly. Ryan was terrific - he kept my daughter motivated and feeling secure. He was also responsive to changes when they became necessary. And he could teach the material well. We couldn't have asked for anything more!
-Joy B, February 2016

Our tutor is an excellent and engaging tutor. She works with my 7 year old daughter on math concepts and is very effective. My daughter actually looks forward to working with her. She is very conscientious and professional; she is always prepared with materials and has multiple ways of approaching the subject. I would highly recommend the Chicago Home Tutor to anyone in need of a tutor.
-Deanna D, April 2015

I am so happy with the Chicago Home Tutor. You can tell our tutor, Laura, has prepared every class meticulously and knows perfectly what each student needs. My son has improved a lot with her help, and he smiles every time I tell him that he will be seeing Ms. R.
-Patricia P, February 2015