In a report from the US National Mathematics Advisory Panel, it is stated that “Use should be made of what is clearly known from rigorous research about how children learn, especially by recognizing a) the advantages for children in having a strong start; b) the mutually reinforcing benefits of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and automatic (i.e., quick and effortless) recall of facts; and c) that effort, not just inherent talent, counts in mathematical achievement”(see report here).

With this in mind, we understand that effort and comprehensive instruction can make a big difference in a student’s math achievement. At The Chicago Home Tutor we use the recommendations in this Mathematics Advisory Panel’s report along with other research to give your child this crucial strong start.

For our youngest students we ensure a solid understanding of early mathematics skills which are an essential foundation to all later skills. We work on developing number sense, quantity discrimination, counting, and number identification. We begin adding and subtracting with manipulatives and provide support so that parents can reinforce these skills between teaching sessions.

For elementary and middle school students, we follow the teaching sequence recommendations of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. For all skills from addition to fractions, we teach the skill from multiple angles: computational fluency, ensuring concept comprehension with the use of drawings or manipulatives, and application in word problems. We also teach children to be self-sufficient with techniques like Cover,Copy and Compare and Self-Monitoring Strategies. Finally, we will arrange a program for students to practice fluency in math facts each day including days they do not have tutoring. This will help to make these essentials foundations more fluent and automatic, so that math becomes more effortless and confidence increases. Then they can move on to more complex operations.

For older students we often combine executive functioning strategies and math skills.  As students delve into algebra and more complex word problems, they often struggle to organize themselves and complete all the steps. In these cases mathematics tutoring is not enough. They need additional support with order of operations, organization, keeping track of the value signs, and all of the necessary steps and details. We use executive functioning skills and metacognitive strategies to complement math instruction and prepare these students for success.


What Parents Say:

The Chicago Home Tutor has had a transformative effect on our son's reading and writing ability over a really short period of time. Our tutor is fun, approachable and our son loves her classes. He learns by playing and he is proud to show us his progress. She details improvements and compares our child to the average at his age. It's invaluable to know where he stands and how he's doing great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Chicago Home Tutor to every parent seeking for a top class tutor.
- Barbara C, August 2015

The Chicago Tutor was a wonderful gift during a challenging time for my daughter. The whole process worked marvelously smoothly. Ryan was terrific - he kept my daughter motivated and feeling secure. He was also responsive to changes when they became necessary. And he could teach the material well. We couldn't have asked for anything more!
-Joy B, February 2016

Our tutor is an excellent and engaging tutor. She works with my 7 year old daughter on math concepts and is very effective. My daughter actually looks forward to working with her. She is very conscientious and professional; she is always prepared with materials and has multiple ways of approaching the subject. I would highly recommend the Chicago Home Tutor to anyone in need of a tutor.
-Deanna D, April 2015

I am so happy with the Chicago Home Tutor. You can tell our tutor, Laura, has prepared every class meticulously and knows perfectly what each student needs. My son has improved a lot with her help, and he smiles every time I tell him that he will be seeing Ms. R.
-Patricia P, February 2015