Our professional experience has shown us that parents of students with special needs benefit from an expert to help them prepare and fully participate in the special education process. Our advocate seeks to help parents by providing a peer professional who has sat on both sides of the table. Our goal in advocacy is to develop a sustainable model for self-advocacy, both for the parent and child. We help families achieve special education services that are accessible, appropriate, and effectively provided, and we also seek to help families whose concerns for their child have been ignored or minimized. We believe in empowering families to seek the education that is their child’s constitutional right.

The advocacy services we provide include but are not limited to:

– Explaining your rights and responsibilities under IDEA
– Explaining special education procedures
– Making informed decisions about your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
– Reviewing records
– Reviewing case study evaluations
– Assisting parents with IEP meeting preparation, including proposing measurable goals and objectives, and determining appropriate accommodations and special education-related services
– Attending IEP or other education-related meetings with families
– Consulting on manifestation determination hearings
– Communicating more effectively with school teams
– Reviewing classroom programs and placement concerns
– Providing general consultation and support
– Learning more about Early Intervention and transition services
– Learning about what your child needs to attain self-sufficiency, and a lead a productive and independent adult life
– Working with your child to understand their disability and accommodations and supports that may be beneficial to them throughout their life
– Other non-legal education-related advocacy services
– Referrals to local special education attorneys or organizations that provide legal services
– Referrals to local psychologists and clinics to diagnose or treat your child.


More about our advocate:
Tulin is a school psychologist and has evaluated the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of over 400 students, including ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, anxiety and depression. She has also conducted and written more than 100 functional behavioral assessments/behavior intervention plans, and evaluated the effectiveness of individual student, classroom, building-wide programming.

In addition, Tulin has coordinated and facilitated special education meetings at both the elementary and high schools, and managed team compliance with state and federal reporting. She has facilitated response-to-intervention (RtI) team meetings, and recommended, implemented, and measured student interventions.

Tulin also provided individual and group counseling using empirically-based interventions in areas such as anger management, social skills, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, friendship, and post-high school transition. She also developed the curriculum and taught three sections of an emotional and life-skills course at an alternative high school for six semesters.

What Parents Say:

The Chicago Home Tutor has had a transformative effect on our son's reading and writing ability over a really short period of time. Our tutor is fun, approachable and our son loves her classes. He learns by playing and he is proud to show us his progress. She details improvements and compares our child to the average at his age. It's invaluable to know where he stands and how he's doing great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Chicago Home Tutor to every parent seeking for a top class tutor.
- Barbara C, August 2015

The Chicago Tutor was a wonderful gift during a challenging time for my daughter. The whole process worked marvelously smoothly. Ryan was terrific - he kept my daughter motivated and feeling secure. He was also responsive to changes when they became necessary. And he could teach the material well. We couldn't have asked for anything more!
-Joy B, February 2016

Our tutor is an excellent and engaging tutor. She works with my 7 year old daughter on math concepts and is very effective. My daughter actually looks forward to working with her. She is very conscientious and professional; she is always prepared with materials and has multiple ways of approaching the subject. I would highly recommend the Chicago Home Tutor to anyone in need of a tutor.
-Deanna D, April 2015

I am so happy with the Chicago Home Tutor. You can tell our tutor, Laura, has prepared every class meticulously and knows perfectly what each student needs. My son has improved a lot with her help, and he smiles every time I tell him that he will be seeing Ms. R.
-Patricia P, February 2015