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Specialists in Students with Autism

Here at the Chicago Home Tutor we are very well-equipped to tutor your student with autism. We provide our expert tutoring services in the convenience of your home. Our tutors are school psychologists and special educators who have been trained specifically in attuning to and helping individual students with diverse needs. We have years of experience teaching children with autism individually and in our classrooms.

Tutoring for Autistic Students Fueled by Research and Experience

Alongside our scientifically-supported teaching practices, we will use social-emotional and behavioral supports to build on your child’s strengths and help remove his or her barriers to success. There are many interventions that research studies show often help students with autism such as Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), visual schedules, independent work systems, visually-supported teaching materials, social skills interventions, social stories, motivational rewards systems, and much more. We design and select the strategies based on the strengths and areas of need of your child. Finally, we can work with your child to improve executive functioning skills with the Unstuck and On-Target curriculum which is specifically designed for students with autism to help increase flexibility and goal-directed behavior.

Coordination with Your Child's Team

We specialize in coordinating with other professionals. At your request, we communicate with occupational therapists, teachers, doctors, speech-language therapists, and social workers to promote generalization of your child’s goals across settings. We are ready to give your child the absolute best academic support available!