Empowering students to realize their true potential

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We are all diverse learners with unique strengths and challenges.

Our expert tutors attune to your child’s unique needs to develop the best methods and tools to meet them right where they are, so they can experience new levels of success and confidence.

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Reading, Writing, Math
Our research-based methods lead to effective support in core subjects from early literacy and numeracy to understanding complex texts, research papers, and calculus.

We specialize in building executive functioning skills and addressing all ADHD-related challenges.

Learning Disabilities
Our learning specialists use proven teaching methods designed for students with LD, including multi-sensory techniques.

Executive Functioning
We teach tools and strategies to improve organization, time management, task completion and more.

Homework support
By reteaching, pre-teaching and filling in learning gaps, we make sure homework is done correctly and on time.

We embed instruction with visuals, structure, reinforcers and clear expectations for a supportive learning environment.

Homeschool Support
We partner with you to make your homeschool goals a reality with programs for temporary, long-term, unschooling and partial homeschooling.

We tutor wherever you need us whether that’s your home, private school, medical setting, local library or a park bench. We service Chicagoland including the city, Western suburbs, South suburbs, Northwest suburbs, and the North Shore.

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Chicago Home Tutor stepped up, partnered with my daughter, and tutored her with compassion and an expectation to achieve."

Edda C, July 2018

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We are strong believers in teamwork. Our tutors love to connect with teachers, therapists, neuropsychologists and anyone else who may help us better understand your child. We work with your family to develop a clear learning goals and define the type of data we will collect track progress. Our tutors also consult with one another to ensure the highest quality instruction.  At Chicago Home Tutor, we know that with the right supports your child can break through barriers and experience success.

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Empower your child today.


Our service begins with a free, 30-minute phone consultation with our founder. We'll discuss your child's challenges and how Chicago Home Tutor can help.