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Homeshool Consulting

At the Chicago Home Tutor we provide high-quality homeschool support for students who are pursuing homeschooling with a variety of needs and goals.

Homeschool Support Specialized for Your Family

Your tutor will meet with you to determine exactly what your family needs in regard to homeschool support, but here are some ways that we have helped previous students and families:

  • Consultation in selecting a curriculum
  • Identifying and making a plan to fill any gaps in the student’s learning to date
  • Preventing and working through some of the social and emotional challenges that can come along with homeschooling (e.g. managing the role of parent and teacher, finding a balanced social life)
  • Taking responsibility for teaching certain subjects during the week and assigning homework to complete between sessions
  • Monitoring progress to ensure that all essential material is being covered

Additionally, we specialize in helping to set students up for success with many important life skills such as planning, organization, and time management.  

Homeschooled Students with Special Needs

We can support students in the homeschool environment with social or emotional difficulties.  We have worked with sibling groups together on homeschooling goals. We have also supported families who are pursuing unschooling. When the homeschooling arrangement is temporary, we help prepare students transition back to school and actively help them make the transition by decreasing support and increasing independence.  Whatever your need, we can help support you in this exciting venture!