Your goals, our process

You let us know why you want a tutor for your child, and we'll apply our expertise to develop a customized tutoring program to achieve those goals.

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We pair our expertise with continued collaboration. 

We are all lifelong learners who function best with support, so we love to collaborate with anyone who can contribute to our understanding of your child’s needs. Our tutors consult with each other, and we can connect directly with school teachers, student’s counselors, occupational and speech therapists, pediatricians or other professionals.

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What's next?

  • Free Phone Consultation

    Here’s your chance to talk to a school psychologist with 10 years experience. Tell our founder, Laura Reber, about your child’s history and challenges, along with your vision and goals. Laura will answer any questions you have!

  • Tutor Match

    After your call, Laura consults with her team to choose the best tutor to complement your child's age, personality, learning issues, and academic goals. You will be introduced to the selected tutor in an email sharing the tutor’s background, qualifications, and contact information. Continue with questions or schedule your first session.

  • Student Assessment

    Sit down with your tutor to review your student's academic levels with any outside evaluations, teacher input and work samples. Your tutor hones in on the student’s current needs and sets measurable goals. This step can also include supplemental evaluation by your tutor.

  • Tutoring

    Your specialist tutor uses evidence-based methods and attunes to your student to formulate completely individualized instruction. Track your child's progress with the data collected along the way.

  • Adjustment and fine-tuning

    One of our managing education specialists checks-in with both you and the tutor to evaluate how the program is going. We work as a team to modify the program as needed. This can include a consultation with a content area expert from our team of over 70 tutors.

  • Growth

    Your child achieves academic goals. Watch as they experience new confidence, develop better school attitudes, and build resilience.

  • Report

    At your request, we write a report which includes our assessment, tutoring history, instructional practices, and student progress notes. This can be helpful to coordinate services for your student and can be particularly useful if your student is completing the school IEP process which often requires Response to Intervention type data.

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I can’t say enough good things about Chicago Home Tutor. Our tutor is a great tutor, and part of what makes this exceptional is that they measure what they are doing, write detailed assessments of the student’s progress, and work with the teachers at the school."

Beth H

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Empower your child today.

Our service begins with a free, 30-minute phone consultation with our founder. We'll discuss your child's challenges and how Chicago Home Tutor can help.