Evidence-driven instruction

From homework support to a detailed, individualized homeschooling plan, we use best practices based on the most up-to-date research to provide instruction that meets your child’s needs.
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From early literacy to reading comprehension, we consult research including the Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse to choose the most effective teaching methods. For students with dyslexia and other reading challenges, we have tutors trained in multi-sensory methods such as Orton-Gillingham and Wilson. For reading comprehension and higher level skills, we teach advanced comprehension strategies.

We understand the importance for all students to effectively communicate and express their ideas in writing. For our youngest students we work on handwriting, spelling and letter formation. From there, we move on to writing sentences, paragraphs, and cohesive essays. Many of our students benefit from executive functioning strategies to improve their writing process.

In math we often find that students are struggling because of gaps in foundational skills. We identify the gaps and work to build student’s confidence and understanding. For early learners, it is important that students form a strong number sense. From this foundation, they begin to build computation skills and application through word problems. As math problems grow increasingly complex, students often benefit from executive functioning strategies embedded in math instruction.

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The Chicago Home Tutor has some of the best talent around, they take great care in matching your child to their specific way of learning and their tutors are qualified, energetic and professional. We have had a truly great experience working with Laura and her team."

Olga M, January 2016

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Struggles with hyperactivity and inattention can affect various aspects of learning and school functioning. We're here to help with these common difficulties. We support inattention through feedback and self-monitoring strategies, and hyperactivity through mindfulness techniques. If you are considering medication we can even collaborate with your pediatrician for medication trials.

Learning Disabilities
Our learning behavior specialists & school psychologists have received years of specialized training to support students with learning disabilities. We provide instruction individualized to their needs as described by their diagnostic evaluations. This may include a specific method such as Wilson or Orton-Gillingham. Sometimes it involves teaching in various ways until we find what resonates with the student. Of course, this always includes lots of practice to build confidence and independence.

Students with autism often benefit from a very structured learning environment in addition to visual supports, clearly defined expectations and reward choices. We use tools such as PECS, social stories, and visuals schedules to create an optimal learning environment for your student with autism.

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Homework Support
Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy. With full time jobs, busy schedules, and parents who may not have a teaching background, it can be hard to stay on top of your student’s homework. By reteaching, pre-teaching and filling in learning gaps, we make sure homework is done correctly and on time.

Homeschool Support
For homeschooling programs, our primary goal is always to understand the purpose of homeschooling (ie: returning to an outside educational setting, unschooling, instilling a love of learning). When we understand why you homeschool, we can provide consultation and various levels of instructional support (anywhere from daily support to teaching a single subject) in service of your goals.

Onsite Support
We're called Chicago Home Tutor, but we are not limited to Chicago and we are not limited to the home. We have tutors throughout Chicagoland from Beverly to Aurora to Lake Forest, and most places between. We also provide our services wherever we are needed. We have tutored in many private schools and in medical settings where students have extended health issues. We are always open to discussing your specific needs.

Test Prep
If you need help preparing for a specific test, we recommend our partner MyGuru who offers test prep for ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, DAT, MCAT, TOEFL, CFA, CPA, NCLEX, and Series 7 exams.

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Partner Organizations
We’re happy to recommend a growing list of partner organizations aligned with our values of empowering students while offering a quality, customized service.

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What you are going to get with the Chicago Home Tutor is so much more than tutoring. Laura and her team are going to individualize their approach for your child's needs. They are going to provided research-based interventions. They are going to monitor your child's progress and make adjustments to tutoring and intervention as needed.

This is really the top of the line, gold standard of tutoring.

Chicago Home Tutor provides one-on-one academic and behavioral intervention beyond what most schools can even begin to provide. With Laura and her team's services you are getting incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated, and personable clinicians. If your child is struggling in academics, behavior, or study skills I highly recommend you check out Chicago Home Tutor."

Becky S, June 2017

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Our service begins with a free, 30-minute phone consultation with our founder. We'll discuss your child's challenges and how Chicago Home Tutor can help.