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Executive Functioning

In recent years executive functioning has gained a great deal of attention in the world of academics. The executive functions include many skills which are essential to thrive in school and beyond. Students who struggle with working memory, sustained attention, planning and prioritization, organization, time management, flexibility, or goal-directed persistence could benefit from intervention or coaching in executive functioning.

Psychological & Learning Behavior Specialists

Our school psychologist and learning behavior specialist tutors are skilled in implementing supports to help improve your child’s executive functioning. Examples include the use of time management tools (planners, alarms and checklists), memory strategies (mnemonic devices, automaticity and cognitive training) and social skills training to practice flexibility and theory of mind (taking the perspectives of others). We also use the Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS) Intervention which research has shown helps students develop these essential skills (read research study here). Additionally, we structure every tutoring session with your child’s executive functioning needs in mind to gain the maximum benefit from our teaching.

Students with Autism

For students with autism, we also use the Unstuck and On Target curriculum which is supported by research to improve executive functions such as flexibility and goal-directed behavior.