Retired Special Education Teachers : We Need You!


You have logged 30+ long and rewarding years as a special education teacher. As you newly embark upon your retirement chapter, you feel a mix of anticipation, excitement, fear and sadness. You’re ready to be done with school politics, writing long IEPs, contentious meetings, huge classrooms with very different individual needs, all the crazy pressure around tests, and long school days with prep hours to follow. But you also gained immense knowledge of teaching across your years in education, and you still love seeing the light bulbs going on for your students and making a difference in young lives. If only there was a way to take all the best parts of teaching with you into retirement and leave all the worst far behind? I am here to convince all of you retired special education teachers to come work for Chicago Home Tutor because that’s exactly the opportunity that tutoring with us provides.

What retired special education teacher doesn’t want flexibility in retirement? Our tutors

  • make their own schedules

  • set their own hours

  • decide what students to take on

  • are their own bosses

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You want to work 10 am - 2 pm 3 days per week and spend the rest with your grandkids? We can make that happen.

You want to work 10 am - 2 pm 3 days per week and spend the rest with your grandkids? We can make that happen. Do you want to work with just a few students at a time until they meet their goals to use all of that great knowledge you racked up over the years and make a big difference in the lives of a few students? We can work with that. Many of our retired special education teachers work one- on- one just a couple days per week during the day at private schools in their neighborhoods (bonus: no long commutes!) Others want to work 10 and 15 plus hours per week. This job is flexible, so that you can make exactly what you want.

In your decades in the special education classroom, you saw it all. You have seen every kind of academic and behavioral need under the sun. You found so many different tools and techniques to make learning fun and to help things really click for your students. You don’t want all that knowledge to just go to waste! Our teachers have the freedom to take on students according to their interests in passions, whether that’s high school, early elementary, middle school or a specific subject or even a specific technique like Orton-Gilingham or Wilson. With tutoring, you get the chance to design your lesson specifically 1:1 for each student using your vast knowledge! It’s the perfect way to keep using your knowledge, to continue making a huge difference, and to have some fun and build some great relationship while you’re at it! (and without all the stress that full-time teaching brings)

No one ever went into education to get rich. That creates a very real need for many retired teachers to earn some extra money. If you’re willing to work a few hours a few days per week, you can easily earn an extra $1500+ per month. This makes tutoring the perfect way to supplement your retirement income, so that you’re more free to fully enjoy having more free time. It’s never too late to start your side hustle!

Retired special education teachers: we want you on our team! We’ve seen the value you bring to the table with your all of your years’ experience, we need tutors that want flexible part-time schedules, and we’ve absolutely loved the retired teachers that have found us so far. We find it’s a mutually symbiotic relationship in that it brings mountains of value to our team while also providing retired special education teachers with the exact type of work that fits their retirement needs. And here at Chicago Home Tutor, we’re all about creating win-win situations. If you’re interested in applying to work with us, please send our resume to us at We hope to hear from you soon!

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