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What Is Executive Functioning?

Executive Function (EF) is a blanket term for a set of general-purpose control processes that facilitate thoughts and behaviors. EFs are what allow us to accomplish goals, solve problems, resist distractions, maintain focus, plan, and regulate our behaviors. EFs are a core component of self-regulation (colloquially known as ‘willpower’) that have broad-ranging and significant implications for our everyday lives.

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Interview with Retired Special Education Teachers Who Teach With Chicago Home Tutor

As a follow-up to our last article, today we wanted to interview a few of our current tutors who are retired teachers. Don’t take our word for it- we wanted you to hear directly from them! We interviewed four retired teachers to get their perspective on tutoring. Below you can find our Q & A with Maureen, Laura, Lee-Ann and Julie- retired teachers and current tutors on our team.

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